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God Bless the U.S.A!   The flag of the Great State of Alaska,
the largest state in the Union!
Flag of the United States of America
These colors do not run!
Proud Americans,
Proud to be Alaskan!
Flag of the Great State of Alaska
May God Bless our
Troops and their Families
 WAR!   To those who wish us ill, may you know our anger and our strength! And, know that you WILL meet your judgment!
 We support our Troops!
GO USA!    Death to our enemies!
   The U.N. can go straight to Hell! Protect and preserve our Sovereignty!
Our family businesses:   Mt. Denali, Copyright L. D. Wood, 2002, All Rights Reserved
( Mt. Denali )
 Artists Avenue Alaska Fine Art by Sidney A. Wood Our Alaska Information links
 Qiveut Designs Hand-made creations from musk ox underwool by Margaret L. Rye
Our Wood Family History and Genealogy
Terra Resources, Ltd. Soil remediation by Terra Wash™ ,
Alluvial mining using the Arctic Miner™

Contact: Larry Wood, Gen. Mgr.
This site is outstanding:
Mat-Su Valley News
Blogs: Williwaw! Alaska! Alaska! Alaska!  

We are Christian and
Pro Life

The American's Creed

The 2d Amendment preserves and protects our individual rights under the Bill of Rights! Please support these pro-firearms ownership organizations!
Preserve and Protect our Constitutional Rights!
It is time we brought illegal immigration under control!
Sign the online petition
and please support organizations like:
Project USA:
More links to organizations working to limit immigration

Gun Owners of America:


911 collage
September 11, 2001
Never forget, never forgive! We are at WAR!!!!!!
Please pray for our troops and their families; for our leaders to have the resolve to do what is necessary to demonstrate to those who dare, that the U.S.A. will punish all who violate our peace and the sanctity of our borders.
( See the Infantryman's Prayer as posted on,
see also Soldiers for The Truth)
Soldiers paid the price
( Doc's Military & Patriotic Graphics)
Those have fallen . . .

Medal of Honor Recipients
We support  Flag of Israel Let there be no mistake, Islam is not a religion of peace. To believe otherwise is a fool's paradise. Be wary of those who preach peace in English, but call for our blood in their native tongue. . . .
 Israel's battle against terrorism is our first line of defense!

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