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American Immigration Control Foundation Numbers USA
Californians for Population Stabilization American Border Patrol
( Border Surveillance Cams on-line! )
Center for Immigration Studies
Dedicated to exposing the bureaucratic U.S. Immigration Court system of the Executive Office for Immigration Review
Midwest Coalition to Reform Immigration   Immigration Control
(An Irish NGO seeking to limit immigration to Ireland)
Stop Immigration Now! Americans for Immigration Control
Americans for Better Immigration Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
$7,400,000,000 spent on illegal alien childrens' education!
Carrying Capacity Network CITIZENS' LOBBY is a non-partisan, grass-roots organization that supports policies and legislation that puts Americans' interests first. We advocate stronger border security and immigration controls, the preservation of American sovereignty and traditional values, an 'America First' foreign and trade policy, and the abolition of wasteful government programs like foreign aid.
(Congressional Caucus on Immigration Reform)
U.S. Border Control  

The United States of America has historically been a place of refuge for those looking for a better way of life. My ancestors, including George Washington's family came here as immigrants. Others, such my Apache and Cherokee ancestors arrived here somewhat earlier as a result of MIGRATION, not immigration. This is not a "who was here first" argument. I will remind all who read this that the bloodiest war in the history of the U.S. was the Civil War, where more Americans died than in World War II. We will revist that dark chapter in U.S. history once again if the insane immigration policies of Washington and California are not changed. We must restore our national identity and our Constitution. We are going hell bent for leather to eliminate GOD from our public monuments, but, as of yet, the politically correct crowd has failed to eliminate GOD from our historical documents. We must not allow this slide into multiculturism to continue, otherwise, we will be balkanized and "brother set against brother". I will fight to see that there is no "Mexico" in the U.S. as is demanded by La Raza and Azatlan. And, I will also fight to remove from my land a dire threat to both my freedom and my religious beliefs.

The "immigration" over the last 30 years is not the "historical immigration Americans are so proud of. Those who come illegally do not seek to become citizens of the United States, but seek dual citizenship to reap the rewards of being a citizen without ever giving up their country of origin. Witness the illegal "migrant" labor from Mexico, Central and South America. Then there are those who come to destroy us.The most egregious of these groups are wahabist Muslims sponsored by Saudi Arabia.

The "latin" countries illegal immigrant problem is a farce. These people are not here to stay, meaning they are NOT immigrants to this country. The cash drain back to the native country is proof of that, along with their refusal to become U.S. citizens legally, even after many years of being here illegally. A work permit should be issued to allow people to come here to work, not a green card. When the job is done, they go home.

Islam in and of itself is abhorrent to any freedom loving individual and an anathema to this republic. Islam calls for the overthrow of the secular government of the host nation, the conversion by force and enslavement of the native population. No Muslim can swear an oath of fealty to a nation or state. The tenets of the religion allow Muslims to make false oaths. And, Islam is absolutely INTOLERANT to any other religion. This is historical fact, not fiction. Ever hear of the Taliban? If you are agnostic, atheist, or homosexual, you will precede me and other "believers of the Book" before the executioner's sword. You will not have the choice of "convert or die". You will die without any recourse. That is the "peaceful" Islam that they do not advertise. The true Islam.

When was the last time you heard of a Baptist being killed by fellow congregationists when that person decided to convert to Buddism? Yet, Islam demands that a convert from Islam to another faith be killed. Even inter-sect as Shiite to Sunni. Sunnis and Shiites kill each other on a regular basis. Witness the bombings of mosques in Pakistan by Sunni's against Shiites, and vice-versa. How many Catholics have participated in the bombing of a local mosque? Not many of late, as Christianity teaches tolerance, not rejection. One cannot convert them if they are dead. . . .

To have Muslims in our military, government, or state service is simply a fool's paradise. Even the governments of Europe have begun to realize that they are losing their national identities with each new demand by a growing Muslim minority. They are quickly reaching the conclusion that the Serbs may have been correct in their attempt to "cleanse" neighboring territories.

I do not condone "ethnic" cleansing. I do believe that Christianity and Islam are as oil and water, and that we do not worship the same God. Where is it in the Bible that Christ demands that parents make bombs of their children in order to kill other children? Islam must change, or die. . . .

Is it not interesting that some of the loudest voices against illegal immigration are the voices of those who have become citizens LEGALLY? Have gone through all of the hoops, have waited, sacrificed, studied and struggled to make English their language, and to learn this country's history and government?

To grant amnesty or benefits of citizenship is an insult to all who have come here LEGALLY. We reward those who break our laws?!!!! What kind of insanity is this? It is time we appreciate our citizenship and our country by ridding ourselves of those who would make a mockery of our laws and who are a very real threat to our national integrity and sovereignty. Michael Savage is correct. If we are to preserve our culture, our national integrity, our language, then our emphasis as a nation must be: Borders, Language, Culture!--Lawrence D. Wood, 8/17/2003

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