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Family motto:

Clarior Hinc Honos

"Brighter Hence the Honor"
Unofficial family mottos:

"Illegitemus Non Carbarundum," and "It is the Principle of the thing. . . ."

Our creed: None of us shall die as sheep led to the slaughter. We are free and shall remain ever so.

Relatives of note in our family tree:
George Washington, 1st President of these United States

James Buchanan, 15th President of these United States

William McKinley, 25th President of these United States

Robert E.Lee--General, Army of Northern Virginia

Geronimo, Shaman of Chiracaua Apache born of Bedonke Apache

Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland--and many others both Irish and Scot

Soon to come, a genealogical history of this Wood Clan--when and if I ever get the time . . .

This page is still under construction.

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